What We Do

Regional approach to Protected Areas and Conservation in Eeyou Istchee


The Cree Communities of Eeyou Istchee along with the Cree Nation Government have taken the initiative to develop a conservation strategy to meet our goals to conserve our land as much as possible by means of creating protected areas recognized by the Quebec Government and by adopting international practices that fit our needs to achieve our dream of keeping our lands intact for future generations.

The Deputy Grand Chief, with the Director of the Environment and Remedial Works Department and staff, spearheaded this mandate. A Protected Areas Committee was formed which consist of members from each Cree Community along with key Cree entities such as the Cree Trappers Association and the Cree Nation Youth Council.

Our Mandate

The following is the Cree Nation Government’s mandate towards the conservation of the Environment and it’s wildlife for the continued existence of our Cree Culture:

  • Develop an effective regional protected areas/conservation areas network for Eeyou Istchee (including marine area)
  • Develop effective CRA involvement in the national parks and existing Protected Areas within Eeyou Istchee
  • Implement the Broadback Watershed Conservation Plan (BWCP)
  • Ensure that Cree priority conservation areas are incorporated into regional land use and protected areas planning processes

Eeyou Protected Area Committee Representatives

Chisasibi: Matthew Chiskamish , bobby Neacappo

Eastmain:  Jamie Moses

Mistissini:  Deputy Chief John S Matoush

Wemindji:  Arden Visitor

Waskaganish:  Bert Moar ,Wayne Cheezo

Waswanipi:  Steven Blacksmith, Johnny Cooper

Ouje‐Bougoumou:  Arthur Bosum

Nemaska:  Matthew Tanoush

Washaw Sibi:  Maurice Kistabich


Whapmagoostui:  Chief Stanley George

Cree Trappers Association: Jean-Baptist Loon

Cree Nation Youth Council: Simeon Wapachee

Cree Nation Government: Deputy Grand Chief Rodney Mark

David Denton (Culture and Language Department)

Department of the Environment and Remedial Works:

Isaac Voyageur (Director), Christopher Beck, Chantal Tetreault

Grand Council of the Crees:

Geoff Quaile